About Yohrohn


You're probably wondering "WHAT IS YOHROHN?". Which is pronounced 'Your Own'. To put it simple, Yohrohn means something different for everyone, So I can't really tell you that. Yet I am still going to try. 

 I would say, YOHROHN is an Art of Life. It's the Practice of not just living in the now, but Creating the now. At the risk of sounding Crazy, YOHROHN is my Dying Wish. A few years ago I experienced a Mental Breakdown which lead to a Spiritual Breakthrough.  I lost everything I had and it almost broke me, until I realized everything I lost wasn't mine to begin with. I had spent 7 years Borrowing the Possessions others. For example, where I lived, worked and even the relationships I found myself in. It took me losing it to realize I didn't have it in the first place.

 YOHROHN is an Epiphany: A moment of sudden insight or revelation. " You need Your Own." The thought that became my MANTRA.